Art and creation have always been an important part of my life. As a child I used to reproduce every famous character from my books. As a teenager I used to draw on everything I could find and played music in some bands. After university courses that I’ve found unfulfilling, I quickly decided to learn everything on my own. That is why I am self taught in a wide variety of domains : from painting, sculpting and photography to programmation, music composition and video edition.

Based in France, with a background in traditional painting and sculpting, I used to have exhibitions showcasing my personal production. Now I treat every project as an artwork of Fine Arts as well.


I only work with reputable brands such as Harder & Steenbeck for airbrushes, Gunze Sangyo for paint, Nikon for photography and video, Native Instruments for sound design; to name a few. To achieve excellence, I only use the best materials available.

Traditional mediums are as important as modern ones to me, that is why I also regularly use lasers, CNC engravers or microcontrollers. Embracing the traditional tools and mediums while always being on the lookout to try and to learn new technologies or techniques that will serve my production.

I am specialized in organic and realistic textures painting but also in mechas painting and customization;  either with a pristine look or a damaged one. Electronics integration is another field I am proficient in, often involving circuits design and programmation.


I have been influenced as much by music and pop-culture as I have been by litterature, science and the greatest thinkers of recent centuries.

I love to paint, listening to electronic music like Röyksopp or The Algorithm while having a soft spot for metal and most of its sub-genres as well as ambiant and classical music.

Ninja Theory, Croteam, Playdead are the video game studios which resonnate the most with me, each one for a specific reason. I also still love old 2D videogames I grew up with.

Science wise, I have a keen interest in space and quantum physics. I could stare at black holes depictions for days.

My favourite author is Carl G. Jung, his work has nourished my personal production for a long time.


I study every project with the utmost care as each project is unique. Even when clients are delighted, I always feel insatisfied; this is how I thrive to reach excellence: dedication and perfectionism. Hoping that one day, I will meet my own, unrealistic, standards and expectations.

I have worked for the videogame industry as a Master Painter and as a composer, I have been an Art and creative director and now I regularly fulfill private collectors dreams with ‘one of a kind’ works.

To this day I still have difficulties deciding if I am an artist or a scientist, both disciplines having core values I deeply resonate with: objectivity, honesty, openness. To me, an artist must be as rigourous as a scientist and a scientist must be as creative as an artist.

No matter the project, I always aim to bring life to a, once blank and lifeless, resin figure; pouring my soul into it.