The first ever Millennium Falcon which belongs in a museum

The most detailed and realistic Falcon you will ever see. From the cockpit to the main room or hallways : everything has been done to be as faithful as possible to the original model. After 2 years of dedication studying blueprints, behind the scenes pictures and with the addition of modern technologies, the result is an awesome, eye poping work paying tribute to the movies. It has been praised and acclaimed worldwide on all social media, especially on Youtube.


Embark on the fastest piece of junk of the galaxy

Automatized, this one of a kind model can lift off and incline as if it was escaping Hoth or Tatooine. It has been made possible with an electro-mechanized, stainless steel, arm engineered solely for this project. The Falcon can also safely land as if it was returning home after a long battle against the empire. You can hear the engines roaring when it lifts off, the depressurization when it lands. Lightspeed? Of course! You can even see the exhaust grill glowing and the red light flashing in the cockpit. If that’s not enough you can relive the skirmish after the Hoth escape, with the turret fireing and witness the power outage in the main room with your own eyes.


Life amongst rebels

In the totally faithful main room you can imagine what it is like to be a rebel. The main computer, where Solo sits, has light patterns slowly switching. You can witness accurate reproduction of iconic scenes : either the Lightsaber training with Luke and Obi-Wan in which the saber lights on and off, the training sphere shooting lasers, or you can witness R2-D2 working on the main computer to repair the hyperdrive. You can even see the power outage during the Hoth escape skirmish.


A remote found on Tatooine

With this handmade remote you are able to launch your favourite sequence : from lift off, to Hoth escape or lightsaber training, there are 7 of them. The front lights and the red position lights underneath are also under your control, same goes for the boarding ramp. You can open or close it at will. All the sequences and functionalities are presented in the video.


Take a closer look!

I’ve paid careful attention to add details that were not on the base model from Altaya. The landing feet were lacking flap covers, those have been hand sculpted and carved in plastic sheets. Other detail added: the cables hanging behind the landing gear covers. The red position lights have been carefully placed following blueprints from the studio model. Regarding the paint, colors and weathering effects, I took references from behind the scene set pictures to be as close as possible to the original model used on screen.



7 animated, sound and lighting, sequences can be triggered from the remote control
Sequences can be switched to French
Remote control of the front and position lights
Remote control of the boarding ramp
Removable landing feet with underside covers
R2-D2 can be placed either near the Dejarik table or near Han solo’s computer (in place of Obi-wan)


Plastic model from Altaya / Deagostini, scale 1/43
165 LEDs
More than 100 meters of optic fibers
Engineered stainless steel electro-mechanized arm
Engineered, dedicated amplified sound system


The cockpit features 73 ornamental switches made out of 0.2 millimeters metal rods
Textures on the outer shell have been carved and sculpted
3D printed custom parts were added in the cockpit, main room and exhaust grill
Characters are approximately 3 centimeters high
Training sphere shooting lasers is 3 millimeters high
3D printed Dejarik (game table) pieces are 4 to 5 millimeters high


The Millennium Falcon: 80 x 60cm
The cabinet with its high grade anti-UV protective cover: 100 x 80 x 149cm